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Meet the team

Hayden Cooper
Owner and Managing Director

Short, fun and living the dream, HAC Owner and Managing Director Hayden is the life and soul of the party in the office, with his upbeat personality and passion for all things design leaving a lasting impression wherever he goes. With his friendly demeanor, eye for detail and hardworking attitude, clients are in safe hands when they work with HAC.

Adam Bennett
Architectural Assistant

Delivering a creative and out-of-the-box approach to design, Adam is our Part 3 Architectural Assistant with a hive of experience. A generous and caring personality within the office, his calm demeanour will give you confidence throughout the design process as he finds innovative ways to maximise the potential of the build.

Harrison Clare
Architectural Assistant

Our energetic Part 2 Architectural Assistant Harrison shares his initials with our founder, it was fate for him to join us! He brings laughs and great singing to the office. His high energy keeps us on our toes and his projects progressing to completion. His sense of style is reflected in his designs ensuring each is unique and personal to each project.

Nicole Breslin

Nicole Breslin
Office Administration

Nicole forms one half of our fantastic admin team, which without, HAC couldn’t survive. We rely on our admin as much as we do designers.

Nic is always picking up every extra bit of work she can, in order to keep us moving forward and staying on top of everything we provide to you as the client. Nicole is PA to Spencer, keeping him in order as well as the entire build team, it’s a lot of pressure to deal with and yet she is always first in and always smashing it out of the park.

Alina Luchianov
Architectural Designer

Pocket-sized but with big ideas, Architectural Designer Alina always goes the extra mile for her clients in both her 3D-modelling and personal service. Always keen to develop new relationships with customers, suppliers and referral partners, Alina’s positivity and passion shines throughout the office – as well as keeping us all topped up with snacks!

Danielle Mullins
Architectural Designer

Our innovative, forward-thinking Architectural Designer Danielle is the resident ray of sunshine at HAC and the kindest person we know. With her creative flair and a keen eye for the finer details, Danielle adds incredible value to the design team, always going that extra mile to make the perfect design for our clients.

Ellie Reilly
Architectural Apprentice

Our Architectural Assistant Ellie has proven to be a valued member of this team. With her humor and fast comeback she never fails to make the office laugh.

She takes any challenge head-on and gives 100% on each project. If you are lucky to have Ellie on your project be prepared to laugh and be reassured you will receive 100% honesty throughout.


HAC Designs offers a hassle-free, premium quality end-to-end architectural and home improvement service, encompassing design, build, landscaping and interiors – helping our clients create the home of their dreams to enjoy with friends and family for years to come.


We communicate with you every step of the way to build trust and form relationships that endure through your project and beyond.

We are committed to adding value to your home and to your life, by creating stylish spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Our clients are the most important part of our business and we constantly strive to ensure every stage of your experience is personal, enjoyable, and filled with the excitement that transforming your home deserves!

In Conversation With…

Hayden Cooper, Owner & Managing Director, HAC Group