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Discover the difference that HAC Designs’ specialist architects can make to your project. Our architectural professionals combine aesthetic vision with practical functionality, delivering designs that are sustainable, innovative, and uniquely suited to your personal and architectural aspirations. Whether it’s a residential remodel or a new commercial development, our architects are committed to creating spaces that inspire and endure. Speak to our architects today, who can help you realise the potential of your home and achieve your desired vision.

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Specialist Architects

Our team of specialist architects at HAC Designs is dedicated to creating structures that stand out for their creative design and long-term sustainability. Leveraging the latest in architectural technology and environmental practices, we strive to produce designs that are not only visually striking but also efficient, adaptable, and in harmony with their surroundings. From the intricacies of interior layout to the grand scale of urban planning, our expertise is at your disposal. Our architects are qualified and deliver a comprehensive service for homeowners looking to enhance their home.

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Our specialist architects at HAC Designs are eager to bring your project to life with a blend of innovation, artistry, and precision engineering. Speak to us today to find out how our tailored architectural services can elevate your project from ordinary to extraordinary.

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    Free Consultation

    Tell us about your property, project and initial ideas. Learn more about us and how we can make your vision a reality.



    We’ll pitch you our initial design with a price. We’ll advise you on designs, timeframes and building work, so you know what to expect.


    Planning permission advice

    We’ll support you with planning permission and building regulations. You don’t have the hassle of lots of different suppliers, traders and designers.



    When the building applications are complete, we’ll take care of the design (including 3D modelling).



    HAC Build is responsible for construction services. It’s the only stage left before you step into your transformed space and start making memories.