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HAC Designs leads the way in revolutionising residential spaces through meticulously custom-designed House extensions in Richmond, turning your vision into a tangible reality. We perceive every House extension project as an opportunity to reimagine and revitalise your living space, tailoring it to adapt to your evolving lifestyle and preferences. Our comprehensive approach to House extensions in Richmond guarantees that the new addition will not only blend with your House’s existing architecture but also optimise your living area for maximum comfort and efficiency. With HAC Designs, a House extension in Richmond is more than just extra space—it’s a carefully curated expansion that meets the practical demands of your daily life.

Single Storey Extension
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Professional House Extension Services in Richmond

With HAC Designs’ professional House extension services in Richmond, you are assured of a team that places the highest value on exquisite design, superior craftsmanship, and complete customer contentment. Every element of your House extension in Richmond is meticulously curated, from choosing resilient and aesthetically pleasing materials to the detailed construction process, guaranteeing a flawless enhancement to your House’s original structure and aesthetic. Our dedication to delivering professional House extension services in Richmond is evident in our unwavering attention to detail and commitment to creating a space that’s not only a functional asset but also a natural extension of your personal taste and lifestyle. When you choose HAC Designs for your House extension needs in Richmond, you’re choosing a partnership that understands the importance of your vision.

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Ready to expand your living space with a bespoke House extension that elevates your lifestyle and enhances your property’s value? Speak to our expert contractors at HAC Designs today. Our team of professionals is committed to realising your vision, providing personalised advice and tailored solutions to ensure your House extension complements your needs precisely. With an emphasis on superior-quality materials, cutting-edge design, and ultimate customer fulfilment, we’re devoted to facilitating a House extension process that’s as efficient and enjoyable as possible. Contact us for a detailed consultation and learn how we can assist you in optimising your living area with our professional House extension services. Your ideal House is within reach with HAC Designs.

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    Our Processes


    Free Consultation

    Tell us about your property, project and initial ideas. Learn more about us and how we can make your vision a reality.



    We’ll pitch you our initial design with a price. We’ll advise you on designs, timeframes and building work, so you know what to expect.


    Planning permission advice

    We’ll support you with planning permission and building regulations. You don’t have the hassle of lots of different suppliers, traders and designers.



    When the building applications are complete, we’ll take care of the design (including 3D modelling).



    HAC Build is responsible for construction services. It’s the only stage left before you step into your transformed space and start making memories.