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At HAC designs, we specialise in professional loft conversions for your property. Contact us today for transformative solutions. We specialise in efficient space utilisation with HAC Designs‘ bespoke loft conversions. Transform your underused loft into a bespoke, multifunctional space that resonates with your lifestyle and allows for extra room in your home. Our experts are adept at navigating the complexities of design and construction, ensuring every conversion enhances both living space and property value. Call us today and discuss how we can elevate your home with a stylish and practical loft conversion.

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Professional Loft Conversions

Our professional loft conversion services at HAC Designs are meticulously tailored to enhance and redefine the way you experience your home. We take immense pride in our ability to create elegant, bespoke loft spaces that are true reflections of your individual taste and style, while simultaneously upholding the uncompromising quality and robustness that your home deserves. From the moment of our first consultation, we strive to understand your vision and translate it into a design that resonates with your way of living. We consider every detail, from the natural flow of light to the optimisation of space, ensuring that every square inch serves a purpose that’s meaningful to you. Get in touch for a professional loft conversion today.

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Are you contemplating a loft conversion? Our expert contractors at HAC Designs are on hand to provide you with comprehensive guidance, tailored advice, and the attention to detail that your project deserves. Speak to us today to take the first step towards realising the full potential of your home with a loft conversion.

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    Our Processes


    Free Consultation

    Tell us about your property, project and initial ideas. Learn more about us and how we can make your vision a reality.



    We’ll pitch you our initial design with a price. We’ll advise you on designs, timeframes and building work, so you know what to expect.


    Planning permission advice

    We’ll support you with planning permission and building regulations. You don’t have the hassle of lots of different suppliers, traders and designers.



    When the building applications are complete, we’ll take care of the design (including 3D modelling).



    HAC Build is responsible for construction services. It’s the only stage left before you step into your transformed space and start making memories.