The brief

Set amongst six acres of incredible scenery, the property we had been invited to view needed a complete overhaul, and on our initial walk-through it quickly became apparent that to achieve our client’s goals we would effectively be starting from scratch. They wanted a traditional build with modern features, a grand entrance and balconies from which to enjoy the surrounding view.

The concept

With HAC Managing Director Hayden Cooper at the helm of this project and our client very involved in the design process, we proposed an asymmetrical floorplan with sprawling corridors, open-plan living spaces and a striking entrance space, adorned with stone pillars, bay windows and geometric shapes. Our client was sold from the first steps of our 3D walk-through, with the only amendment to increase the size of the beautiful master-suite.

The work

Currently awaiting planning permission, we can’t wait to share this project with you once completed.

Project Gallery

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